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Update 3/15/2020 posted by Admin at 15-03-20 | Comments (3)

-Change respawn time from SoSo to 1 houre

-Add guild penalty scroll (Coin Shop)

-Add new unique for event with drops

-Add new weapon glows

-Change IP limit to 5

Alchemy Event posted by Admin at 14-03-20 | Comments (1)

Alchemy Event

3/14/2020 22:00


3/15/2020 22:00

All rate to 2x

Update 3/8/2020 posted by Admin at 14-03-20 | Comments (0)

-Add Behemoth to Coin Shop

-Change Behemonth Stats

-Chage all TAX in World to Jangan

-Change FTW to 20:00 Server Time

-Change Name "Coin" to "Job Coin"

-Add Dimension Hole to Coin Shop

-Add 150% Speed to Coin Shop

-Change respawn time for Job Temple Monster to 3 sec

Update 3/4/2020 posted by Admin at 06-03-20 | Comments (0)

-Dimension Pillars spawn rate change to 50%

-Add Lucky Powder B (2x Alchemyrate) to Coins Shop for 100 Coin

-Fix price avatar

-Change Stone drop rate to 2x

-Devil Spirit S u can trade now

-Add job penalty scroll

Grand Opening 25. Feb 2020 posted by Admin at 18-01-20 | Comments (1)

After 4 week alpha and beta phase we are finished!

Grand Opening 

25.Feb 2020

19:00 GMT+1


Fortress Status:
Fortress Guild Tax
Jangan: NoWayOut Tax: 20%
Hotan: dummy Tax: 0%
Bandit: dummy Tax: 0%
Constantinople: dummy Tax: 0%
Server info:

Server info :

ServerTime: 07:51:36 pm
Players online: 164/2000
Max online: 230
Experience rate: 15x
Party Experience rate: 20x
Gold drop coeficent: 1x
Item drop coeficent: 25x

Status :

Gateway Server:
Game Server:
Accounts: 1762
Characters: 2714
Guilds: 47